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Episode 119th May 2021 • Prisoner's Pardon • Michi J
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Welcome to our first show for Prisoner's Pardon Podcast hosted by Michi-J. The episode talks about the inspiration for the show, why you should listen and also encourage others.

The podcast is an outgrowth of the book A Prisoner's Pardon book due out Fall 2021. The memoir book authored by Michi-J describes her search for an answer to recidivism that is repeat offenders going back and forth to prison. Her twin brother for over 30 years has been in this cycle and now is presently in prison. During her search, she found that she just like her twin was in a prison and was going back and forth as well. Her prison was different because it was spiritual. Although, no bars, it's effects were the same. She was in a continual cycle of frustration and despair at not being able to complete some important missions.

The podcast reveals what spiritual prisons are, the enemy behind it and how to avoid his captivity. Most people are unaware of spiritual prisons because its invisible. Although, very similar to physical prisons, there are some differences that one should know.

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