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“While the Lights Were Out” by Brathor Cyr (read by Dirt, part 1 of 2)
11th September 2023 • The Voice of Dog • Khaki and friends.
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Diego and Fay were together for eight years before things ended in a messy breakup. When Fay is stranded in a blizzard, he reaches out to his ex for help. Now, the pair must confront their complicated history and lingering feelings.

Today’s story is the first of two parts of “While the Lights Were Out” by Brathor Cyr, who recently completed the regional anthropomorphic writers retreat and has been writing furry fiction for almost two decades. You can find more of his stories on SoFurry, FurAffinity, and more.

Read by Dirt Coyote, formerly of twitter dot com. | Apple podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts

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