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Beyond the Webinar - Mavericks and Witnessing
Episode 711th February 2022 • International IVF Initiative Podcast • The International IVF Initiative
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We've got a bumper episode for you today, a BOGOF in fact as we're sharing two sessions that took place after our I3 webinars.

First up you will hear the conversation from after our 'i3 goes Maverick' session from October 2021, discussing the profession of embryology and how it’s perceived today as a career along with the salaries available and we’re joined by our panel including: Dr. Gerry Celia, Dr. Mara Simopoulou, Ashley Wong, Dr. Betsy Cairo, Huey Huynh, Dr. Michael Baker, Salustiano Ribeiro, Dr. Bryan Kloos , Dr. Sheela S. Ali. 

Topics Discussed: 

  • Burnout - how long people stay and whether the right people are coming into the lab, that the science isn’t a good fit for them 
  • Survey on mental health showing the differences between young and older embryologists 
  • Higher turnover with younger people, they go off and do something else. 
  • New generation - softer - overworking was a badge, it was a different mentality, it wasn’t a good thing as it set bad habits and people felt guilty when they weren’t working.
  • The new generation is different, they need to understand constructive criticism
  • Loving what you do as an embryologist and working in ART
  • Where is the passion - is Embryology yours? 
  • Where people move to from Embryology.. why 
  • People who think of this as a career Vs a job
  • Salaries - how it used to be attractive and now it doesn’t compare well to what else is available for young people. 
  • Why aren’t salaries increasing? 
  • The passion that embryologists have 
  • Lack of resources when it comes to hiring - not enough budget 
  • How to retain talent - the distinction between clinics who have looked after their embryologists during the pandemic and those who don’t 
  • Hiring practices 

You also get to hear the conversation from our last I3 session of 2021, called 'Carry on Inseminating 'which includes a panel of Dr. Bronte Stone & Kimberly Kienast, Dr. Caroline McCaffrey, Nick Campion, Cynthia Hudson, VP Clinical Strategy at TMRW Life Sciences and Shaista Sandruddin.

Topics Discussed:

  • Witnessing - How do we remove or eliminate opportunities for mistakes
  • How to remove or reduce risk 
  • How to shorten the chain of custody 
  • Use of gradients  and use of Stickers 
  • Human error and how the number of times things are handled by humans, is begging for mistakes where could robots come in eg. ICSI
  • How Zymotit removes the human element





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