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090 | Brand Story - The Fck It Therapist
Episode 9019th August 2021 • The Brand Lounge • Tammi Heals
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In this episode, Tammi is once again joined by Nici Gorman - the sweary spiritual coach, mentor and healer at her business The Fck It Therapist.

Nici shares about her journey from job-loving assistant to full-time mum and carer with the arrival of her children whilst managing her own health issues before deciding to set up as a business owner as her sons grew up.

Nici talks openly about making the difficult decision to close her business in 2020 with the intention of never returning, before taking the leap again with a reinvigorated new business nearly a year later. Talking about tough choices, the role spirituality seems to play within entrepreneurs and embracing your own journey.

This one is for you if you need reminding that it's never too late to change your mind.

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