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Where Supply Chain, Logistics, and the Fine Art World Collide with Guest Gugulethu Hughes
Episode 68420th July 2021 • Supply Chain Now • Supply Chain Now
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Supply chain professionals around the world are so busy pushing the envelope on speed and efficiency that it may go unnoticed when well-meaning innovations are used for questionable or nefarious purposes. Case in point: global art markets. Some works of art are so valuable that they are thought of as investments rather than cultural treasures. This has led to the desire to obscure information about private trades, questions about forgeries, and even debates about the true definition of ‘art.’

This episode is part of an evolving project at Supply Chain Now, where we take a deep dive into one particular issue that has created stir across the industry. Scott Luton and Kelly Barner (Host of Dial P for Procurement) are joined by Hughes, a passionate member of the Supply Chain Now community to discuss the business of art, with all its ups, downs, drama, and suspicious players.

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