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People and Pause
Bonus Episode17th June 2021 • People to People podcast • Hazel Darwin-Clements and Chimzy Dorey
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An honest, reflective conversation explaining how we are feeling this week and why we are taking a pause in publishing the planned episodes.

Sometimes we just need to take a moment to breathe, to listen and to grow.

There are no other voices in this episode besides Hazel and Chimzy, but, as ever, we do have an open door and an open mind. You're welcome to get in touch if you have an experience of the bilateral relationship between Scotland and Malawi that you'd like to share with us. Our email is We believe that everyone is qualified to speak of their own lived experience, as long as they do it respectfully and aren't unreasonably trying to speak for others. We also understand there are very good reasons why we will not hear the full range of lived experiences. However, if we are honestly and openly exploring the partnership between Scotland and Malawi we will encounter sensitive and important topics. We intend to engage with them in a thoughtful, meaningful and constructive way.

We hope to gather our strength and resume our planned episodes, with added wisdom, next week. With so many hours of conversation collected there is a great weight of responsibility on our shoulders to edit and frame and hold these conversations in a sensitive and thoughtful way. We thank everyone who is supporting us to do that.

Take care.