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A Good Name | Sermon Series
Episode 10626th April 2024 • Essentially Translatable • Lutheran Bible Translators
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In this episode of Essentially Translatable, Rev. Rich Rudowske shares a sermon given at Concordia Seminary, St Louis on overcoming jealousy and the significance of maintaining a good reputation.  

This sermon draws from Daniel chapter 6 and the Eighth Commandment with explanation from Luther’s Small Catechism. Rich reflects on personal anecdotes to illustrate the detrimental effects of jealousy and emphasizes the importance of protecting and honoring others' reputations as commanded in the Eighth Commandment.  

Celebrating the success of others can help combat feelings of jealousy. By returning to the teachings of Jesus Christ, we find peace and fulfillment by bestowing a good name onto others. 


  • Rev. Rich Rudowske delivers sermon on combatting jealousy.  
  • The sermon draws from Daniel 6 and the Eighth Commandment. 
  • We can follow the example of Jesus by honoring the reputation of others. 




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