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What Do YOU Do? Podcast - The JAM Production Company EPISODE 5, 19th July 2019
Opening Pandora's box - Wellness and Addiction with Angela Westelaken
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Opening Pandora's box - Wellness and Addiction with Angela Westelaken

In this intense episode your hosts Matt and Al open the Pandora's Box of the newly legalized Cannabis industry in Canada in a conversation with Angela Westelaken, Founder of Original Product Cannabis + Concentrates Inc.

The guys being already familiar with the Cannabis movement in Canada wanted to have one final conversation to wrap up the series and switch into Wellness by focusing on Opiod addiction and talking about the darker side of the industry.  The grey market....but is it really that dark on the other side? 

Let's find out in this episode where we open Pandora's Box and discover that there is a lot of good things happening in a market that is still legal but with no clear framework yet.  Edibles, concentrates, and topical products like lip balms and creams.  The wellness category of Cannabis.


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