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How to Build & Scale an EdTech SaaS Around The Top Education System In Europe with Kadri Tuisk | Podcast #45
Episode 4529th September 2020 • SaaS District • Akeel Jabber | Horizen Capital
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This episode is sponsored by Demand Maven, a woman-owned consultancy that helps early-stage SaaS companies and startups reach their very first growth milestones — from the first 100 customers to the first 1,000.

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Kadri is an IT and Service Design professional & the Founder & CEO of Clanbeat, a platform that helps people to be self-aware individuals with strong self-management skills so that they could reach their true potential. Her passion lies in people and creating an impact via IT.

She has a strong entrepreneurial mindset, she’s a big believer of design thinking and focuses on building and growing strong communities in schools, NGO's, growth accelerators and volunteer groups that are oriented for individual and collegial growth with her platform Clanbeat.

Kadri dreams of a future where teachers (or shall we say: coaches) are able to notice each students' individual needs and to offer growth journeys designed around every individual’s needs. 

During this interview we cover:

00:00 - Reach Your Very first Revenue Milestones with DemmandMaven (A word from the Sponsor)

01:04 - Intro 

02:21 - $1.2MM Pre-Seed Round and Next Round Thanks to acceleration in EdTech innovation due to Covid

04:24 - Where have Kadri & Her Team Allocated Funds & Where They See The Best Returns For Continuous Growth

05:45 - How To Adjust Your Business & Life During Times Of Uncertainty

09:23 - How To Leverage Journaling for Productivity & Focus in Education

10:57 - Clanbeat, A SaaS Solution in the EdTech Space & The Problem to Solve

14:55 - A Better User Experience & Appealing EdTech Solution for Both Teachers & Students

17:47 - Clanbeat Biggest Challenges

22:39 - How Clanbeat Hurdles The Risk-Averse Education Industry & Teaches Them To Adopt Innovation

25:47 - How Clanbeat adds Constant Value To Their Solution & Improve Their User Engagement 

28:22 - How Clanbeat Is Enriching Student-Teacher Relationships

31:40 - The Best Education System in Europe & How it works In Conjunction With Clanbeat

34:27 - Were the EdTech Industry is Moving Towards In The Short & Long Term

36:40 - Opportunities in the EdTech Space To Capitalize on

40:11 - Get In Touch With Kadri



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