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Quantum Coffee with Joe Hawley Podcast - Joe Hawley EPISODE 11, 12th October 2020
The Options of Belief with Matt Walker
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The Options of Belief with Matt Walker

This week we have my friend Matt Walker on the podcast!

“I've had a life-long interest in the mysteries of life. It has drawn me to study various religions and cultures, not becoming an expert in any of them. When I was in my early 20s it looked like I was going to pursue an academic career related to anthropology. However, I also wanted to do something practical and helpful in my life. I began to do massage and bodywork in 2005 and became a Rolfer in 2014. This has allowed me to ply a trade keeping one eye on the mystery! Important influences into this area of my life have included Hakkoryu Jujutsu, the Gurdjieff Work, and biodynamic craniosacral therapy. I don't claim to be representative of any of that stuff though. An attractive idea for me has been the idea of a Master who practices in the midst of us regular people. When I apply this to my personal life, I see that I am NOT a master!!”

- Matt Walker

In this episode, we discussed:

  • Matt’s story and how he finds meaning in his life and how he finds comfort in not knowing what the purpose of life is 
  • Self reflection and presence - Finding ways to let go in moments when we feel triggered 
  • How we can use Human Design to understand where our behaviors come from and how they influence others
  • How Matt currently thinks about the concept of God, and what it might look like if there was no God
  • The destabilization of personality and the seductiveness of certainty in our lives

Tools and works discussed in this episode:

Human Design

Connect with Matt

Website | https://walkerrolfing.com/

Email | matt@walkerrolfing.com

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