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Vaccine Injury Is Real, Not Rare | Lauren’s Story | A Real Human Being Ep. 007
Episode 71st February 2021 • A Real Human Being • Josh Putnam
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Vaccines have been a hot topic for many years, but things have intensified to a point we've never seen before. The narrative we hear from many doctors and scientists is that they are safe and effective. But...are they? Is that true? What if the emotional bias in the medical community keeps them from seriously considering the possibility that vaccines might be causing harm? What if the scientific studies done on vaccines are not performed long enough, or to the same standard scientists demand of other subjects? And what happens when you or someone you love experiences an injury from one of them?

Today I am joined by Lauren, who experienced such an injury from the Gardasil vaccine. She is one of many, and she recounts her painful experience with me, from the injury, to the dismissal and vitriol she received at the hands of doctors afterward, to the healing she finally found.

Lauren is a very brave soul, and she has chosen to speak out about her experience to educate others so everyone can make a truly informed decision about vaccines. It's time we start listening and stop dismissing. You don't want to miss this one!

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