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Special Guest Nathan Nguyen - Part One
Episode 1811th May 2020 • Raising Confident Teens • Murphy Solutions, LLC
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If the odds were stacked against you, what would you do? Interview with Nathan Nguyen Part 1

On today’s podcast we chat with Nathan Nguyen. Nathan has an amazing story of how he and his family overcame extreme adversity. After high school, he made it his goal to learn all he could about money, success, and personal development. He went on to make several million dollars in college, and is passionate about teaching people how to understand money. He shares some great tips with us on how young people can be successful. Here’s what we discuss in part one:

  • Why adversity is a blessing
  • The value of time
  • Why mistakes are a good thing
  • How you can be successful, no matter what you do
  • Why a high income doesn’t make you wealthy

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