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Body Activism, Weight Stigma and Fat Phobia with Serena Nangia
Episode 274th April 2022 • Love This Food Thing • Jemma Richards
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WELCOME TO SEASON 4! Joining us for the first episode is body activist, Serena Nangia.

Serena is a disruptor. Her mission is to challenge prejudicial beliefs about body issues and stereotypes. She raises the voices of those who are ignored or living in marginalised communities.  

Serena grew up in a busy household. Both her parents worked long hours as medical practitioners, despite her mother’s ill health. 

It was Serena who first spotted her younger sister’s eating disorder and there is good reason as to why Serena is known as, “second Mum” in her family. 

Caring for her sister had profound and long-lasting effects on Serena and informed her chosen career. This period in her life formed the bedrock of her professional and voluntary work.

Serena lives happily in a large body; negative attitudes and comments are turned to her advantage. It is her outlook, sense of justice and equanimous personality that drives Serena’s Body Activism and transforms her into the Body Activist she is today.

Join Jemma and be inspired by Serena Nangia.


  • [04:40] - Family
  • [19:15] - Mind, body connection
  • [27:26] - REBEL
  • [31:50] - Body Image



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