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Visualise You - Beth Hewitt EPISODE 4, 16th September 2020
How to Build a Successful Jewellery Business with Dan McClen
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How to Build a Successful Jewellery Business with Dan McClen

In Episode #4 of Visualise You, you’ll hear how Dan McClen went from an Accountant in the Motor trade to the Founder of Solace Jewellery. Born out of the research and the desire to find hypoallergenic jewellery that his then-girlfriend would not have a reaction to.

Dan worked in the motor trade for most of his finance career, an industry known for its questionable sales tactics and customer service. But Dan has been determined to build a brand that is focused on outstanding customer satisfaction, as well as high-quality jewellery product

We cover subjects like why it’s OK when you leave school, college or university, to not really know for sure what you might end up doing. How your current side hustle might be the very thing to get you out of your J.O.B. We also discuss the importance of having the right work-life balance, going that extra mile with your customer service and why you should never stop learning!

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Solace Jewellery Website https://solacejewellery.co.uk/discount/VISUALISEYOU

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