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"If you love People, HR may not be for you" with Meredith Fish #83
Episode 8328th March 2023 • The HR L&D Podcast • Nick Day - JGA Payroll Recruitment
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In the episode, Nick Day is joined on The HR L&D Podcast by VP of People and Culture at Workramp, Meredith Fish!

Meredith possesses over 19 years of experience identifying & developing potential, and she has learned several valuable lessons during this time. Still, one stands out: companies need to be more human!

Hence, Meredith believes in weaving empowerment, belonging, and engagement in every fibre of the employee experience. It’s this vision of a workforce that makes her role as VP of People and Culture at WorkRamp so exciting, as she has the opportunity to help other organizations unlock the infinite power of lifelong learning and leading with the heart.

Meredith has grown teams from 130 employees to over 2,000, and this experience has provided her with many insights into the importance of employee experience – especially from the perspective of HR.

Meredith says she has seen the rationale of "I want to work in HR because I like people" end in a lot of disappointment and burn-out because it sets up the HR practitioner to be disappointed by the reality that not all people in the workplace are likeable, or worse, they have a deep need for everyone to like them.

So today, on the HR L&D Podcast, Meredith shares how going into HR for the wrong reasons can limit performance and keep the field of people development locked in the past – and, therefore why going into HR for the right reasons can make all the difference!

In this “If you love People, HR may not be for you” episode with Meredith Fish on The HR L&D Podcast, we also explore:

  1. What do the words Human Resources mean to you?
  2. You say that if you love people, then HR may not be for you. What do you mean by this?
  3. What are the consequences of people going into HR “for the wrong reasons?”
  4. How would you describe the perfect person for a career in HR?
  5. What special skills do people working in HR bring to the table?
  6. Can you tell us more about Workramp?
  7. How have common L&D practices changed?
  8. What are you most excited about regarding the progression of the HR field?
  9. How can HR leaders use L&D to help ensure people never stop learning and growing?
  10. Successful L&D requires continuous learning with others, but why?

Links highlighted in this “If you love People, HR may not be for you” episode are included below:

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Thanks for listening, folks – I look forward to bringing you the next episode of the HR L&D Podcast soon!