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Level Up Your Technical TPT Game
Episode 826th November 2023 • The Creative Teacher Podcast • Kirsten Hammond
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Roll up your sleeves and add some technical skills to your TPT toolbox. SEO, pricing, and high quality products matter so we always need to stay sharp in these areas.

Episode Highlights

  • Common SEO and Analytics Myths
  • Title tips
  • How to monitor and adjust to see if your changes are effective

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Kirsten 0:00

You're listening to the creative teacher podcast, a show for busy teachers looking for ways to engage, inspire and make an impact in their teacher businesses. I'm Kiersten, a teacher business owner who is all about simple and actionable tips, strategies and resources that result in wins, big or small. If you're looking for that extra spark of creativity, you've come to the right place. Let's dive in together.

Hello, welcome to another episode of the creative Teacher Podcast. I'm really excited to do this episode. It's a long time coming in not sure why I didn't do it in the past. But I am going to talk all about leveling up your technical game on TPT. Now, if you're not aware, already, I am a pretty big fan of the Great British Bake Off. And I've previously done analogies on the different challenges. So they've got the signature bag, they've got the technical challenge, and then they've got the show stopper challenge. So I previously had done blog posts, and it was all in a nice order. I did it every week. And then I re recorded podcast episodes for the one for the signature and the one for the show stopper and the one like explaining all of it. But I never recorded the technical SEO analytics data type thing. And that is what I'm here for today. So I'm really excited that you're here to listen in. I'll make sure to link the other episodes so you can binge listen to all of that it's going to be a four part series once this one is added in. But let's just go ahead and get started on it.

The technical challenge in the Great British Bake Off requires the technical knowledge and experience to produce a certain finished product when given only limited or even minimal instructions. Usually the Baker's are all given the same recipe and are not told beforehand what the challenge will be. The finished products are judged blind and ranked from worst to best. They place their bakes behind the person's photo. And of course, the judges can't see the photo, they give critique in front of everybody. And then they rank them. In the same way.

The technical for TPT sellers is pretty much all the stuff everyone needs to perfect and get a little analytical with, we want to think about titles that are SEO friendly descriptions that are keyword rich competitive pricing and the general quality of your resources. As much as I'm sure many of us would love to know how to get every single one of our resources on page one on the top very top, you know, and have the perfect pricing that everybody's going to immediately buy. It's just not how it happens. And that's kind of why I related SEO and pricing and you know analytics and stuff like that to the technical challenge because there's a lot of missing pieces of how we don't really have the big picture until it actually happens. And we have to make informed decisions based on previous challenges or previous results. So today I'm going to be talking about common SEO myths and common analytics myths and tips to level up your technical game.

Common Myth number one being on the top page of the TPT search results is what only matters. So basically, the myth of oh, it's not worth it if I can't be on page one. But that's not necessarily true. Not every person who buys is going to buy something off of page One, I know many times I have found resources that I've needed on page two, or three or four. And even if I'm really looking, I just cannot find what I need page five. But either way, don't always say that. Well, it's not on page one. So it's not worth trying.

The second myth is that the more keywords, the better, this is a common myth is like if I add in as many keywords as possible, related to my resource, whether it's something from fraction task cards, to math task cards, to, you know, just coming up with all these different type of keywords, kind of like what you kind of see on Amazon titles, then it will be better. And that is definitely not the case, the more times you use certain keywords, I think will get you better results.

And then the third common myth is that product statistics can be hard to understand whether that's through the TPTs product statistics or another data tool that you might use, it's hard to understand I don't get it, it's way over my head. But there are certain key points or key data points that you can look at that can help you inform your best decisions. So those are some myths that hopefully I helped alleviate for you is that, you know, you don't always have to be at the top of the search results. And more is not necessarily better. As far as keywords and products. Artistics can definitely be easier to understand. And the more you look at it, the easier you can get used to it and be less intimidated by it like I was personally.

Alright, let's go into four simple tips to level up your technical game, the first tip I have for you is to make sure to do some research, decide for a resource that you're trying to update and you feel like needs a little extra eyes on it. And you just can't really get a lot of views on it. Think about how you would describe that resource in a short sentence or phrase to someone else to another educator who is also in your niche, thinking about maybe some type of fraction task card game or fraction task card activity. From there, do some research on keywords that you can utilize that people are actually looking for. The best way to start is to start typing in the search box on Teachers Pay Teachers type in fractions task cards, and see what comes up. You know, it'll have suggestions now. And if that pops up chances are is that a lot of people are searching for that. And it's something that people are probably looking for, and then hit search and see what comes up. What page does your resource end up when somebody just types in fraction task cards.

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Also thinking about pricing, adding that in cross check your pricing with other similar resources, but also Don't sell yourself short. Compare the quality of your resource to competitors. If you know your resource has a lot of great task cards, and you know additional lesson plans and answer keys and digital versions and all of that whereas maybe some of your competitors just have like a 10 question, task card activity. And that's it and there's no digital options or differentiated options, then you could probably price your resource a little higher than that. But of course, as they do in the technical challenge we don't know The answers and we don't know how the end result is going to be if it's going to result in higher conversion rates if it's going to result in higher views and sales. So it's just doing your best at what you have.

The second tip I have for you is to test it out. Sometimes you're going to go into it, whether it's updating your titles and descriptions in your pricing, with limited knowledge or instructions on how to get the most traction on your resources. Maybe a resource you think isn't that great, may end up selling like hotcakes, and vice versa. I've had both happen to me where one is like, I think this is going to be an awesome resource, people are going to love it and it just flops you know, it sells okay every once in a while. But that's all part of you know, being a business owner, it's just part of risk reward. Don't be afraid to test things out as far as your pricing, if you decide to raise it up 50 cents, or lower the price and how that might affect sales. But just keep an eye on it, I would definitely not recommend changing something and then you know, forgetting about it, go back and see how it's doing. Maybe have a spreadsheet or air table base with when you change your resource and what you did to change it. And then you can go back maybe in a few days or a month or two months and compare the views compare the conversion rates. And also compare, I know how much you've made my favorite part of TPT. As far as analytics, I really just use the dashboard. Most of the time, I honestly don't really, very rarely will I go into product statistics. Now, I think it's really helpful to use that custom range and go in and click by views and conversion. And I can select a specific product or set of products or product line. And I usually go from there. But my next best, you know, favorite thing to go and find data from is your data playbook. Yes, here I am talking about your data playbook, you guys have to join or join the waitlist. If you haven't, I'm telling y'all it is something else. I will share my affiliate link if you're interested in learning more about that, but they give you data that TPT does not. And I think not only that they have a course that kind of gives you information about certain data points and what they call lovers. To help best inform what you need to do to your products, what you could test out and what lovers you can play around with in order to see if you can get ultimately more conversions and more sales.

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All right, well, hopefully this episode gave you some insights or tips into what you can do to level up your technical game. And this is regarding your analytics your SEO titles, description pricing, anything that you kind of sometimes we may Do not have the full advantage of knowing in advance what the result might be until it actually happens. But hopefully this kind of helped a little bit, and I will talk to you again next week.

Thanks for listening to the creative teacher podcast. If you enjoyed listening to today's episode, feel free to subscribe and leave a review. I'd love to hear your feedback. You can also follow me on Instagram at the southern teach dot designs. Have an amazing day.





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