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RVing with a Newborn: Shaun, Lauren, & Little Aiden's Journey
Episode 1928th September 2023 • RV Dreaming •
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Raising a child brings its own set of challenges, but imagine doing it on the move, in an RV. Dive into this episode where we chat with Shaun and Lauren from The Austins Travel, who embarked on their RV journey with their toddler Aiden when he was just 3 months old!

Show Highlights:

  • Newborn Nomads: Delve into the unique experience of traveling with a newborn and learn about the challenges and joys it brings.
  • RV Childhood: Compare the pros and cons of nurturing a child in the ever-changing environment of an RV versus a static, traditional home.
  • Boondocking Brilliance: Discover their strategy for off-grid living and making the most of nature's offerings.
  • From Trailer to Treasure: Get a sneak peek into their trailer renovation, turning their vehicle into a cozy, child-friendly home-on-wheels.
  • The Drive Behind the Drive: Understand the motivation that propelled Shaun and Lauren to choose this uncharted way of life.

For aspiring RVers, seasoned travelers, or those intrigued by the idea of raising a child amidst nature's wonders, this episode presents a fresh perspective, celebrating the resilience and adaptability of modern parenting."

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