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SDP 46: James Taylor on StartupScale and helping Sheffield’s digital businesses grow
Episode 4617th December 2019 • Sheffield Digital Podcast • Sheffield Digital
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Episode 46 of the Sheffield Digital Podcast sees Mel and Chris talk to James Taylor from Roaring Mouse PR about their fantastic new initiative called Startupscale.

What the heck is Startupscale? It’s a “pioneering two-year business experiment designed to accelerate the development of tech startups in Sheffield and across the North of England.” Essentially, it’s a chance to get access to expert mentors, exclusive networking opportunities, and valuable media exposure – completely free-of-charge.

It was great to hear James talk about why he and Roaring Mouse decided to run Startupscale as a way to give back to the community. And the project itself sounds absolutely brilliant and a great opportunity.

You don’t have long to submit! The deadline for entries is 20 December, so if you think you’d like to be involved, get your submission in sharpish. Check out the links in the show notes below. 

Thanks to Rebel Base Media 

This episode was recorded at Rebel Base Media in their new podcasting studio based at Sheffield Technology Parks . The studio is fantastic and has all the gear you need to produce a properly professional podcast. They also offer podcasting advice and you can even rent a mobile studio for recording in the field.

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