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The Fascinating Truth About How Long It Really Takes to Change a Habit (Plus How My Favourite Italian Word Can Transform Your Life In An Instant) [Episode 027]
Episode 2725th January 2023 • Ditching Imposter Syndrome • Clare Josa
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Have you ever tried to make or break a habit, and it hasn't worked, no matter how hard you've tried? Feeling frustrated about this? Want to unlock some hidden secrets to make changing your life - whether it's something tiny or something huge - so much easier, faster and more fun?

Why is it we can get a 200-day streak in a game on an app, but only a 2-day streak on a new habit?!

What You'll Discover Today:

  • 3 essential factors for how to change a habit
  • the life equation that dictates whether or not we succeed in changing
  • how long does it actually take to change a habit?
  • the usual thing we normally wait for, before we create change
  • how my favourite Italian word can spare you that pain, meaning you can change your life in an instant
  • the one thing most people accidentally get back-to-front when they want to change their lives, why it keeps them stuck - and how to avoid this pitfall
  • the two energies of change, and my 'magic question' which shifts you between them

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