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Funding your open source projects - a chat with Matt Glaman - Tag1 Team Talk
Episode 763rd August 2021 • Tag1 Team Talks | The Tag1 Consulting Podcast • Tag1 Consulting, Inc.
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It’s no surprise to anyone in the open-source software world, or any business, that funding is the center of how things get done. While some parts of projects are funded by their foundations (when these exist), most projects are maintained by independent developers or teams working in their spare time. 

In this Tag1 Team Talk, Managing Director Michael Meyers is joined by Matt Glaman, maintainer of Drupal-check. Drupal-check, based on PHPstan, is a static analysis tool for checking Drupal code for bugs and deprecations. Matt has been working on Generating sustainable development funding for phpstan-drupal, and in this discussion, he outlines the struggles of being an independent developer or contractor working on projects the community uses, but doesn’t necessarily financially support.