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Winning Through Evidence-Based Investing (EBI)
Episode 1224th September 2020 • The Empowered Investor • Keith Matthews
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For the past eleven episodes, I was joined by my co-host, Marcelo Taboada, and we covered the groundwork for becoming an empowered investor and what you need to put in place to have a successful long-term financial outcome.

For the next part of the story of the empowered investor, I’ll be joined by my new co-host, Ruben Antoine, Portfolio Manager and Lead Client Advisor at Tulett, Matthews & Associates. Ruben is sharing his personal story as we move deeper into the investment side of things, starting with why we’re passionate about the evidence-based investment approach.

On this episode, Ruben and I talk about what we can learn from his personal story and journey into finance, how he came to recognize the flaws in the active money management approach, why hedge funds are often unable to measure up to expectations, the benefits of evidence-based investing, the key principles of evidence-based investing, and so much more!

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Key Topics:

·      Why Ruben decided to become a financial advisor to individuals (3:19)

·      What we can learn from Ruben’s personal story and journey into finance (4:23)

·      How Ruben’s multi-national experience growing up impacted his life (5:01)

·      Ruben’s linguistic background (7:14)

·      The long-term benefit of Ruben’s early career working at an accounting firm (8:11)

·      How Ruben’s interest in travel and improving his communication skills landed him in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) (9:12)

·      Why the BVI provided a good first exposure to the world of investment funds (10:16)

·      What is a hedge fund? (11:42)

·      Ruben’s surprising discoveries about hedge funds (12:53)

·      How Ruben discovered evidence-based investing (15:53)

·      What is the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program? (16:39)

·      Ruben’s experience with becoming a CFA (17:11)

·      Transitioning from accounting to finance as a financial controller (18:04)

·      Why Keith was surprised to see Ruben’s application for a portfolio manager role (18:48)

·      Why Ruben chose to pursue a career with a firm with an evidence-based investment philosophy (20:26)

·      How our backgrounds in active money management turned us away from that approach (22:02)

·      The active approach to money management (23:10)

·      What is evidence-based investing? (23:10)

·      The beginnings of evidence-based investing (25:37)

·      The four key principles of evidence-based investing (26:59)

·      Why Ruben recommends evidence-based investing (27:46)

·      Why we’re passionate about the evidence-based investing approach to money management (28:34)

·      And much more!

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