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Living Your Social Mission With Guest Jeff Sheinbein
Episode 31st December 2023 • The Corporate Activist • Siri Khalsa
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Welcome to this episode where we explore the intersection of business and social impact. 

Today, I'm joined by Jeff Sheinbein, CEO and co-founder of Social Imprints, a trailblazing social enterprise in San Francisco. 

We delve into how Jeff's company is redefining the corporate world by offering meaningful employment to at-risk populations. 

This episode is a deep dive into the essence of a social mission in business, providing insights on creating a socially responsible company that not only thrives financially but also makes a significant difference in people's lives. 

Join us for an inspiring conversation that sheds light on the power of incorporating social good into the core of business.

Here are the highlights: 

(5:37) Social enterprise and job opportunities for underrepresented groups

(10:13) Social enterprise and workforce development

(14:58) Employing marginalized groups and overcoming challenges

(20:47) Workforce development and social enterprise

(26:11) Social enterprise and activism with Jeff

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More about Jeff:

In 2011, Bloomberg Business Week named Jeff Sheinbein “America’s Most Promising Social Entrepreneur.” As a guest speaker, Jeff delivers a passionate message about the power of social business to change lives, transform society, and create healthy, expansive business cultures.

Jeff serves on the Advisory Council of Meridian International Global Service Leaders. A two-time Investors Circle finalist, he has led three highly successful social enterprises in the US and abroad.

Jeff started his career as managing director of AI, a non-profit screen printing and embroidery company in San Francisco that hires from an at-risk adult population. Under Jeff’s leadership, AI became one of the country's most successful nonprofit enterprises of its size, and one of the most profitable businesses in the US screen-printing industry.

The Community Action Network (UK) hired Jeff to replicate his highly successful business model in London. While in the UK, Jeff also led social enterprise workshops for hundreds of aspiring young social entrepreneurs.

Jeff has enjoyed a second career as an independent consultant helping nonprofits and social enterprises find their identity and grow. His clients include Golden Gate Community Inc., The Body Positive, ShareForward, East West Holistic Center, and the Borders Books Free Classes Program.

Jeff received a B.A. in Economics from UC Berkeley with a minor in Business Administration.