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Causepods - The Podcast Consultant EPISODE 78, 3rd May 2021
Invisible Wounds With Bella Paige of the Post Concussion Podcast
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Invisible Wounds With Bella Paige of the Post Concussion Podcast

How do you know when something is wrong?

This can be a tricky question to answer and even more problematic when the wounds may be invisible. Our guest today, Bella Paige, shares her story of having concussions throughout her life, how that affected her, and how did it leave her feelings. 

Through the time we have been doing CausePods, a common theme of “I just felt like the only one” has been the genesis for creating a podcast to fight that thought and remove the stigma related to a topic. 

The feeling of community around a niche group of people can be powerful, and the Post Concussion Podcast is no exception.

Key Topics:

  • Experiencing concussions in life from an early age (1:15)
  • What helped Bella learn that concussions were playing a significant role in her life (02:00)
  • What was the healing experience like, and what does life look like today (2:45)
  • Dealing the wounds be invisible to people who meet you (3:51)
  • How has adventure continued to play a role in Bella’s life (5:33)
  • Where did the idea for a podcast come from (7:00)
  • Deciding on the proper format for the podcast (8:49)
  • The challenges faced starting a podcast (12:26)
  • What is the story behind the charity The Concussion Legacy Foundation (13:03)
  • Advice to someone who is looking to start a cause pod (14:24)

Website link: https://www.postconcussioninc.com/podcast

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Charity: Concussion Legacy Foundation

Donation: Link

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