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HTW-Ep 177 Introducing Badlands Precision University
Episode 17717th August 2023 • Hunt the World • Rolling Bones Outdoors
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When Rolling Bones asked award-winning firearms designer Jeff Sipe to come on board and form a sister company, Badlands Rifle Company, our goal was to build the industry's best long-range, all-purpose shooting platform for hunters. And we believe we've done that. In addition, Jeff's dream was to build a unique eco-system around the rifle that would teach hunters how to use and understand the rifle in order to get the most out of it and get the most out of your future adventures.

In this Hunt the World episode Jeff joins Brian and Brad to introduce you to our brand new Badlands Precision University. Jeff talks out the three points of focus for the program, including understanding the rifle itself, how to bring you, the hunter, and rifle together in one unit, and how to solve issues in the field to help your adventure achieve a better level of success.