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Treating PTSD/CPTSD Naturally
Episode 225th January 2024 • OTR - Achieving Mental Health for Real • Robert Adleman
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Today I talk with Kathern Berg. She is an alternative health practitioner--A classical homeopath with over 20 years of experience. She specializes in working with people who are struggling with PTSD or CPTSD and, because it seems to appear along with PTSD, she also helps people with long held grief. She has a lot of stories to tell of clients who have recovered from PTSD using Classical Homeopathy.

Kathryn studied at the Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy to learn how to solve health problems. She is the owner of Lotus Homeopathy, Inc. and a Certified Classical Homeopath.

The thing that really drives Kathern is solving problems and being an advocate for those who need help getting their problems solved. She has been working as a homeopath since 2001. She also worked as a volunteer lobbyist at the Minnesota State Legislature for 10 years to help protect our health freedom laws which enables her to practice and you to use the services of all sorts of natural health practitioners. In addition to Homeopathy School, you can hardly keep her away from advanced learning. She specializes in working with clients with PTSD and C/PTSD, because she is really grateful to the men and women in the Armed Services in the US and first responders as well, who are willing to put their lives on the line to protect the rest of us. There are of course, many civilians who develop PTSD and C/PTSD from a traumatic experience or upbringing and I work with them as well. she firmly believe you can recover from PTSD, because I have seen it in my clients.

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