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The One About Fathering
Episode 218th June 2020 • Adulting with Ebonie • Ebonie Allard
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In this episode I had the pleasure of chatting with my Dad, as a special for Father's day.

It was a real and raw look at what fathering means in the past, now and looking forward into the future.

Listen on for:

  • How becoming a father affects the integrity and the freedom of life 
  • The embodiment of fathering
  • Lessons from 40 years of fathering 
  • The differentiation between being a man and the masculine
  • Relationship and sexuality and the differences within the generational cultures
  • The idea of Fathering as we move forward
  • The journey of individuation

About Alain

Today’s guest was encouraged to follow a traditional education and career path but wandered off track from his late teens, unable to tame his free spirit and conform to ways of living that were inauthentic for him. Way ahead of his time, he dropped out of Oxford University and began a long process of selective self education to support his wish to live in alignment with Truth and Creative Integrity.

He studied and practiced a variety crafts and disciplines including shepherding, fine woodwork, house restoration, Aikido, sociology, philosophy and psychological astrology before beginning and completing a formal training in Transpersonal Psychotherapy.

As an accredited (UKCP), practising therapist he also worked as a trainer in the field of addiction, and included various aspects of his psychological learning within the extensive range of somatic workshops he led as a 5Rhythms teacher all over the world. He regards his life and work as enquiry into the Physical, Emotional and Psycho-Spiritual nature and possibilities of living in awake awareness. His desire, his practice and the intention of all he shares is the continued learning of how to be at peace, and in harmony with the Divine Mystery.

He is the author of 2 illustrated childrens’ books, a father and grandfather. He is co director of Moves into Consciousness with his wife Sarah. He is Alain Allard. (and he is my dad.) 

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