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Unstoppable: Penny Mallory's Secrets to Mental Toughness and Success
Episode 3183rd July 2024 • Business Without Bullsh-t • Oury Clark
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EP 318 - Penny is a leading authority and keynote speaker who specialises in helping people develop mental toughness. Her speaking highlights include TedX, Microsoft, Google, Santander, Coca-Cola, NatWest, Waitrose and Sony.

Penny shares her powerful story of overcoming a challenging childhood and homelessness to achieve remarkable success as a keynote speaker and Rally Driving champion

We discuss the significance of mental toughness, providing methods to manage stress and navigate the high-pressure speaking industry. Penny speaks about her future plans to row across the Atlantic (!) offering insights on facing fears and leveraging physical activity. She also explains why many public speakers qualify for the big bin of bullsh*t


00:00 BWB with Penny Mallory

01:42 Challenges of A Public Speaker

03:43 Recommendations in the Speaking Business

06:08 Social Media and Marketing as a Speaker

07:42 Developing Mental Toughness

18:21 Penny's Journey into Rally Driving

20:42 Overcoming Personal Challenges

36:02 Transition to Public Speaking and TV

39:28 The Power of Talking About It

41:39 Entrepreneurial Spirit and Self-Employment

42:38 Penny's Long-Term Goals

43:40 Rowing the Atlantic

46:51 Penny's Personal Struggles and Resilience

01:02:46 Bullsh*t in Business - Public Speakers!

01:05:06 Quick Fire Round - Get To Know Penny

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