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Making the Most from the Cognitive Properties of Media
Episode 19928th February 2024 • The Visual Lounge • TechSmith Corporation
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Whether you’re in training, in learning development or you’re a creator making videos for your own YouTube channel, learning and understanding are key, which is why it’s great to welcome Dr Clark Quinn PhD back onto The Visual Lounge to talk about cognitive media. 

Dr Quinn provides learning experiences and design strategy to corporations, higher education government, and not-for-profit organizations. He joins this episode to take a deep dive into the idea of cognitive properties as it relates to media, how to translate this knowledge into the media you create and why no one should be creating video for video’s sake.    

Join us for this episode to get a deeper understanding of how to integrate thinking and learning with technology to improve organizational execution, innovation and ultimately performance.  

Learning points from the episode include: 

  • An introduction to Dr Clark Quinn PhD 
  • Why you shouldn’t make video for videos sake  
  • What are cognitive properties in relation to media  
  • How to translate this knowledge into video  
  • Should you use templates for video creation that can be repurposed? 
  • Other things to understand about cognitive properties  
  • Advice for creators struggling to find time to iterate on what they’ve created  
  • Speed round questions 
  • Clark’s final take 
  • Outro  

Important links and mentions: 

  • Connect with Clark at 
  • Follow Clark’s blog  
  • Connect with Clark on LinkedIn 



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