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What Type of Buyer Should You Sell Your Company To?
Episode 4422nd February 2024 • Advance Your Wealth With Homer Smith • Homer Smith
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If you’re an entrepreneur, the idea of selling your business may have crossed your mind more than once. If you ultimately decide to sell your business, you’ll likely encounter two main types of buyers: financial and strategic. It’s a good idea to consider which type of buyer is the right one for you and your company.

On the latest episode of Advance Your Wealth, we’re exploring how these two categories of buyers could play an important part in how much you get for your company


0:00 - Introduction and overview on today's topic

1:18 - Understanding your options as a business owner

2:07 - An overview on financial buyers

3:12 - How the seller fits into the financial buyer's vision for the company

4:16 - How entrepreneurs typically encounter financial buyers

6:02 - The differences between a financial buyer and a strategic buyer

7:11 - How strategic buyers approach the buying process

9:24 - The different types of strategic buyers

10:31 - How to decide which type of buyer makes the most sense for your company

13:08 - Why would a strategic buyer make sense for you and your business?

15:21 - How to get in touch with Homer and his team for more information

16:40 - Closing remarks

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