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In My Shoes Podcast - Karin Davis-Thompson EPISODE 27, 6th August 2020
Racially Profiling You with Your Name
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Racially Profiling You with Your Name

Listen as two members of my tribe, Jo-Ann Taveras and Amber Conage talk about how their

names have been perceived, the comments people have made and what happened when the

person expected for the interview or loan meeting, didn't match the name on paper.

Do you think companies, banks and businesses use names as a way to racially profile applicants?

When we allow this to influence something as simple as what we name our children, are

we allowing them some control? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Email me at kdt@inmyshoestoday.com

You can also click on the link below, it gives a great breakdown of systemic racism, including what

we are talking about today.