"Trauma is the rocket fuel that feeds not just your life, but your soul too", says Entrepreneur Rebeccah Silence!
Episode 6330th October 2023 • BOLD CONSCIOUS CONNECTIONS • LiveMasterminds, Inc. and Raju Panjwani
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If you are still blaming situations, people, and your bad luck, just pause. Have you been pregnant with a simultaneous diagnosis of cancer, and given a 5-10% chance to live?

Rebeccah Silence has been through some really crazy stuff. Just watch / listen to her vibrancy! The love for life!

Yes, trauma causes you to think and act differently. Why wait for one? Or live with one, when YOU CAN HEAL?

"Trauma is a heartbreak that hasn't healed yet".

Rebeccah wrote Coming Back to Life, a roadmap to healing from pain to create the life you want, to disrupt the trauma conversation that most of us are in, and to turn it into an empowered conversation. No one is immune to trauma. Therefore, no one is immune to heartbreak.

She addresses some big questions and issues, in her inimitable style!

✅ "Anxiety, is a symptom, not a diagnosis. Same with depression, same with any mental illness. Even so, diagnosis isn't who you are!"

✅ "We know healing is needed if there's any type of hurt. Hurt means it's time to heal."

✅ "Any emotion other than anger, fear, grief, joy, or excitement, is learned!"

✅ "I don't believe we need a breakdown to break through. We've been through enough already and we can just decide to be more of who we are, to live more in alignment and authentically in the pursuit of our biggest, scariest dreams."

✅ "I don't think any of us are broken. Never have been, never will be. Our hearts, yes..."

✅ "When I'm not bold, I'm cheating myself out of living into the moment. Being bold means making commitment without any guarantee. For example, for me, cancer was the ultimate summoner."

✅ "Are you fulfilled? Are you free? Is your life yours? It can be that simple. It's not easy, but it can be that simple."

✅ "So from this point forward, what if life is no longer about doing more, but now it's about really paying attention to who you're being? The best leaders are focused on who they're being for others..."

✅ "The more sensitive we can be with ourselves, the more sensitive we can be with other people. And the more sensitive we are with other people, the more of a positive impact we're making on humanity."

✅ "Men are just as sensitive as women..."

✅ "What is the difference between therapy and coaching?"

This conversation is deep, it is heart-led, heartfelt, and full of practical wisdom. Rebeccah, like all of us, IS LOVE. We just have to recognize it, that we are a piece of the Divine. She clearly lives it, and teaches us how!

Listen to this with your heart open! It is just beautiful.


Rebeccah Silence has been recognized as the Top Emotional Healing and Relationship Coach of 2022 by REDx magazine.

As a survivor of a childhood full of trauma and abuse, and Stage 3 cancer that was diagnosed while she was pregnant, she has powerfully supported countless individuals, couples, and families to heal and process even the most intense of experiences.

An accomplished TV and radio personality with over a decade of experience speaking to a reach of millions about doing the inner work.

Rebeccah is a groundbreaking voice in the space of healing and self-development, supporting people in moving through their healing and allowing themselves to truly thrive.

She is the author of Coming Back to Life, host of the Healing IS Possible Experience and the Tougher Together Breakthrough Podcast, and the creator of The Emotional Survival Kit course.

Rebeccah teaches us how to become our own healer, how to love and trust ourselves, and how to be our best for others and the world.

You can find her at:



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