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Sex and Sarrah Rose - Sarrah Rose EPISODE 43, 4th October 2020
Episode 43: Confessions of a Male Gynecologist
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Episode 43: Confessions of a Male Gynecologist

Episode 43: Confessions of a Male Gynecologist

Visiting a gynecologist is often seen as something private, where the information lies in secret between the woman and doctor. Today, Sarrah sits down with Dr. Shawn Tassone, a renowned gynecologist and sex educator. They share the experiences, insights, and confessions that can help everyone understand sex, relationships, and themselves better. In this episode, they cover the many misconceptions around hormone imbalances, how being exploratory about sex is crucial for a long-lasting relationship, and why you need to work on yourself first.

“The mind-blowing part comes in when you can be completely vulnerable and open to whatever happens.” - Dr. Shawn Tassone

In This Episode:

- The number one reason women visit their gynecologist

- The biggest myths about hormones and sex drive

- The most common hormone deficiency and how to fix it

- How to look at your partner in a new way and reinvigorate your relationship

- And, so much more!

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