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James Cannings - An Optimistic View at the Future of Sustainable Business
Episode 1327th September 2022 • Oxygen Advantage • Oxygen Advantage
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James Cannings

“Kids are growing up and are now coming into the workforce. And in another ten years they're gonna make up a big part of that workforce and they're angry.”

In this week’s episode, Patrick and Daniel are joined by James Cannings, Sustainability Officer for advertising firm MSQ. James was the co-founder of MMT digital which he grew from a staff of 3 to over 100.

The company was acquired by MSQ where James now serves as Sustainability Officer. While much of his focus is on external environmental sustainability, he also points to the importance of internal sustainability as regards our own health and wellbeing.

James explains how he is role is a much newer one to the corporate world and is constantly evolving. Currently his focus is on environmental sustainability but he admits he has a “deep fascination” with broader sustainability across the supply chain, the workforce and beyond. He points out that the future for sustainability may be very positive thanks to a younger generation that are more concerned about their health and wellbeing and have seen what previous generations have done to the environment.

James also takes us through his own internal sustainability journey as he turned to yoga and better eating in his 30s as the pressure of selling his company lead to poor health and eating habits. It's a journey he says he could not have made without the help of his wife Em.

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