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#4 - Andreia Torain - Violins & Jiu Jitsu
Episode 43rd May 2021 • Built Not Born • Joe Ciccarone
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Andreia Torain is a classically trained musician. Andrea teaches violin in the city of Philadelphia. She is also a student of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Andreia describes the connection between classical music and jiu jitsu.  Andreia also discusses what it is like being a women training in a mostly male dominated combat sport like jiu jitsu.

We take a deep dive into our shared experience of suffering bad knee injuries only few months apart, what it was like spending months watching class while rehabbing our injuries (sometimes together) and then finally breaking that fear factor of stepping back on the mat to train again. 

Andreia shares with us her teaching philosophy: a teacher’s first job is to teach their students to become good human beings.  We end with why Andreia has read Harper Lee's "To Kill a Mocking Bird" over 15x and the lessons that we can still learn from that book.

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