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Seven Dos and Don'ts when dealing with journalists
Episode 5318th February 2021 • Publicity for Pet Businesses • Rachel Spencer
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Are you thinking of approacing the media and want to make sure you get it right?

I had the idea to create this episode after a huge furore over an article about puppies in the Sunday Times on February 14th 2021.

It was written by sports commentator Andrew Cotter and he shared his advice on how best to treat a puppy in their first year as a seasoned dog owner.

(You can read it on the links at the bottom of this episode)

It prompted a lot of criticism from trainers and behaviourists who felt a professional should have been appointed to write the piece.

In his defence, Andrew had highlighted that he wasn’t qualified to give advice several times, saying,

But I do accept that readers and owners would see him as an authority, take in his suggestions and go on to use them.

However, lashing out at a writer on social media, attacking them, telling them publicly they are wrong, is not going to achieve anything.

Key timings and topics in this episode:

0.50 - How to reply to a journalist the best way if you don't agree with what they are saying

1.10 - Background and the Andrew Cotter column

5.10 - How you can learn from other experts who are in the media

7.11 - DO be yourself, if you're being interviewed by a journalist show your personality 

7.31 - DO have lots of anecdotes and stories to share 

8.45 - DO have stats and facts to hand with examples such as statistics from charities 

9.52 - DO be passionate about your topic - be excited! 

10.39 - DO have high resolution photos that tell your story and story of Dominic Hodgson 

12.02 - DO keep it simple, explain everything in a relatable way without jargon

13.40 - DO make sure the journalist is interested in the topic that you're covering 

DON'TS when speaking to journalists

14.50 - DON'T be salesy - thanks Jill Foster

15.45 - DON'T be afraid of sharing your own personal stories and experiences and mention of Hannah Antrobus, dog trainer, Pawsitively Pawsome who shares personal stories to be relatable 

17.09 - DON'T refuse to give basic details to journalists and why 

20.08 - DON'T complain to a journalist unless it's warranted 

22.31 - DON'T demand to the journalist and why not to do this, and how to ask for links using Vicky Gunn in OK as an example

25.11 - DON’T sound like you're reading from a script but have things prepared to say 

28.39 - DON'T be precious with your knowledge, be prepared to share your expertise so you’re seen as a helpful person 

31.31 - Want to stay in touch? Come and carry on the conversation in my free Facebook group Publicity Tips for Pet Businesses  

Links mentioned in this episode:

Andrew Cotter - Your puppy's first year - a survival guide in The TImes

Dominic Hodgson in the Sunday Mirror - Dog trainer cycles 300 mile to help rescue dogs.

Hannah Antrobus interview on her imperfect Spaniels - Hannah podcast interview.

Karen Boyce interview - Karen Boyce on how press coverage has helped her training business. 

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