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Memorising Kodály Music & Piano Lesson Plans
Episode 2723rd June 2022 • Doremi Teach • Helen Russell
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Do you memorise your lesson plans for piano lessons or music classes?

When Doremi Members start using my detailed lesson plans, a frequently asked question is how do you remember what to do?

It made me realise that so many of us feel we need to memorise our lesson plans and I reflected on my own journey, hang ups and misconceptions about memorisation.

In this week’s podcast I share those reflections and why memorising your lesson plan isn’t necessarily desirable or achievable.

Key Points:

  • Why we feel the need to memorise
  • Why it can cause problems
  • How to avoid the need to memorise
  • The benefits on not hiding your plans
  • A sneaky peek at one of the Doremi Teach lesson plans

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