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What It Really Takes To Change Your Life
Episode 14816th February 2023 • Giving You Something To Talk About • GYSTTALIVETV
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What It Really Takes To Change Your Life

Melissa Krechler and Charlene Madden discuss how she went from days away from taking her own life to finding herself and changing her life to what it is today!

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Guest Speaker is Charlene Madden

Charlene Madden has admittedly spent most of her life living in a state of darkness. After experiencing over 9 years of sexualized trauma at the hands of her grandfather, a decade of domestic violence, and 3+ decades of mental illness and suicidal ideology, she was just 2 days away from taking her life when she attended a women's workshop where everything changed. She was able to take off her blinders, begin the healing process, and find her Purpose by turning her Mess into a Message of Hope, Evolution, and Transformation that she now shares with people all over the world.

Charlene is a Mother of 3 amazing children, a wife, daughter, Reiki Practitioner, Women's Empowerment Coach.

Charlene is passionate about creating platforms of healing for other women and men who may have shared similar experiences or who are ready to make a shift in their own lives. She is the creator & host of the Ignite Your Life Personal Development Workshop which she hosts live every November in beautiful British Columbia Canada.






Host is Melissa Krechler

Identity Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Business Mentor and Creator and Founder of The Women Supporting Women Network.

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