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Umbrellas: Part of the Leadership Tool Kit – with Graham Ballantyne
Episode 2514th October 2022 • Beyond The Water Cooler • Lisa LLoyd
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Graham Ballantyne, Director and Owner of UK Business Mentoring Group, joins me to discuss umbrella leadership.

This conversation unpicks the term 'umbrella leadership' and why leaders might choose to use that approach.

We also discuss some of the dangers of using that style of leadership, and how to mitigate for those. 

As someone who used the approach with mixed success, Graham talks about it with conviction. As with any 'tool', it's about knowing whywhen and where it can be useful. It's also about being aware of the pitfalls so that you engage with the approach with your eyes wide open.

We explore some of the key components of effective leadership that should underpin:

  • our approach to achieving the best experience for our teams
  • achieving the most from our teams
  • and our ability to maintain a healthy sense of balance in a role that we consciously create.

More about Graham

Graham is a director of the UK Business Mentoring Group where he supports boards and business owners across all aspects; from strategy, growth, succession planning, governance, turnaround, leadership, executive coaching and exit planning. Prior to this he spent 30 years in banking and financial services mostly in senior leadership roles. Graham has supported thousands of businessess over his career across a host of industries. Graham is passionate about education, social mobility and creating great environments for people to sucseed and be the best versions of themselves.

Links to contact Graham:

LinkedIn: Graham Ballantyne - Busines Mentoring Oxfordshire Berkshire

Facebook: UK Business Mentoring Oxfordshire


Resources & References

Authentic, self-aware leadership: Transcending Leadership - It's Time for Change (

The Johari Window - Bing video

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