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Trailer25th June 2023 • The Official Football Learning Academy Podcast • Ken Crippen
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The Official FLA Podcast is part of the Sports History Network - The Headquarters For Sports Yesteryear.


Join us to learn about The Official Football Learning Academy Podcast by listening to this trailer episode.


Each week, the official Football Learning Academy podcast will take you deep into the history of this great game. Through interviews with players, coaches, or administrators in the NFL, as well as interviews with Pro Football Hall of Fame selectors, authors, and historians, you will learn about how the game evolved and important moments that shaped the sport into what it is today. You will also get first-hand accounts from the people who have made history in pro football.


Ken Crippen was in a leadership position within the Professional Football Researchers Association for 15 years and is now the founder and lead instructor at the Football Learning Academy. He has been researching and writing about pro football history for over 30 years and has been a sought-after interview for publications like the Wall Street Journal and Rolling Stone magazine, and a sought-after guest on podcasts and radio shows, namely The History Channel, ESPN Radio, and Fox Sports Radio. His work has appeared in publications such as The Packer Report and (Sports Illustrated).

He has written two books, been the managing editor of two other books, and a contributor to yet two more books. He has also written hundreds of articles on pro football history, has won the Dick Connor Writing Award for Feature Writing (which is now called the Lesley Visser Enterprise News/Features Award) from the Pro Football Writers of America, as well as the Professional Football Researchers Association’s Ralph Hay Award for lifetime achievement in pro football research.

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Jeff Nixon, Safety for the Buffalo Bills from 1979-84.

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