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Develop Strong Positioning and Messaging (And Make it Stick)
Episode 1319th April 2022 • Demand Gen U •
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How can you create a brand narrative and messaging that both resonates and sticks with your audience? It’s no easy feat, and it’s something that leaves all marketers scratching their heads at some point.

Jason Widup, VP of Marketing, and Mark Huber, Head of Brand & Product Marketing at Metadata, join forces to break down the best ways to think about positioning and messaging for your brand. They share a few pointers and lessons learned from Metadata’s own marketing strategies (both the successful and the not-so-successful).

Find out:

  • Why positioning and messaging shouldn’t just fall down to the marketing team
  • Why you should start with positioning and messaging before focusing on your website
  • How to change your narrative (and when to do it)

Check out the full episode for more tips and lessons on developing positioning and messaging for your brand.

0:00 – 0:38 Introduction

0:38 – 3:44 Why inconsistent messaging and positioning are bad news

3:44 – 10:35 What positioning and messaging really mean

10:35 – 12:37 Frameworks and templates to help you

12:38 – 14:26 When is it time to think about positioning and messaging?

14:26 – 21:11 How Metadata approached positioning and messaging in the early days

21:12 – 23:57 How to start changing your process

23:58 – 24:57 How to apply positioning and messaging to your website

24:57 – 27:47 Why positioning and messaging are never a one-and-done thing

27:48 – 32:57 How Metadata has learned from past mistakes

32:57 – 33:48 How often should you be revisiting your messaging?

33:48 – 35:06 The best way to test messaging

35:06 – 36:18 Outro