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TWP 069: Sarah Monares - When You Feel Like Giving Up
Episode 6913th December 2019 • The We Podcast with Sarah Monares • Sarah Monares and Loudspeaker Studios
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Hey There! Welcome to Episode #69! When You Feel Like Giving Up.

In this episode your host, Sarah Monares talks about the feeling of wanting to give up on the dream you’re building. She encourages you to keep going, even when you don’t want to. She also reads an exert from her newly released book: Looking In and Finding Out.

Sarah Monares is a licensed counselor and has owned her own private practice since 2009. She is also the founder and CEO of Monares Collective LLC and The We Spot LLC. She is a writer, blogger, counselor, coach, speaker, and host of The We Podcast.

Sarah passionately believes in the healing power of vulnerability. She is driven to help women connect with their true selves and then live in alignment with that self. She believes it is her life purpose to create authentic platforms for people to learn, grow, and connect. Her greatest desire in all her work is to help people know and understand that they are exactly as they are meant to be and that they are not alone.

She was born in Northern Colorado and has lived there all her life. She has two amazing kids and has been married to her awesome hubby for 9 years. More than anything she loves travel, belly laughing, chai tea, vulnerability, real connection, adventure, ice cream, horses, and QT with her fam.

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