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7 Tips For Good Estates Management
Episode 1422nd June 2021 • School Business Leadership • Laura Williams
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Claire Walters, Academy Business Manager, joins me to share 7 tips to help you manage your school site safely and efficiently. We talk site managers, systems, schedules and contractors. You will definitely need a pad and a pen for this one!

The episode at a glance:

[1:55] – Claire talks about how she moved into the role of SBM 

[4:00] – Claire explains why it’s good to be nosy!

[11:19] – Claire talks all things checklists

[13:16] – Claire shares her insights on how to build a positive relationship with your site manager

[23:56]  – Claire tells us about the importance of a quick and accurate fault-logging system that works for everyone 

[35:20]  – Claire explains why she wishes she had created a service maintenance schedule sooner and how she went about it 

[42:40] – Claire talks about contractor management and what you can put in place to do this effectively 

[48:04] – Claire emphasises how important it is to walk the building regularly

[52:47] – Claire shares her thoughts on how to effectively line manage a site manager and the importance of setting targets

[58:38] – Claire has some helpful advice for where to start if you are feeling overwhelmed

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