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The Football History Dude - Sports History Network EPISODE 109, 25th March 2020
War Football (Chris Serb Interview)

War Football (Chris Serb Interview)

Chris Serb Interview (War Football)

Chris Serb is a Captain on the Chicago Fire Department by day and a veteran freelance writer by night, with concentrations in sports and history. His 2019 book, War Football: World War I and the Birth of the NFL, looks at how military football led to the growth of professional football and helped launch the NFL less than two years after World War I ended. The Professional Football Researchers Association recently chose War Football as the winner of the 2019 Nelson Ross Award, for outstanding achievement in pro football research.

Listen in to hear about Chris's journey in the world of football and strap on your seat belt because we're about to get this baby up to 88MPH.

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