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Donald Farmer Talks Nakatomi Space, Ambiguity, Gatekeepers vs Shopkeepers
6th June 2017 • Data Driven • Data Driven
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In this episode, Frank and Andy talk with Donald Farmer about Data, profiting off ambiguity, fish farming, and Die Hard. Oh yeah, and tree houses.


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TreeHive Strategy

The Treehouse Masters TreeHive video

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Notable Quotes

Frank talks Star Wars. ([1:40])

Donald is more interested in the six-pointers. ([6:40])

Donald speaks about archaeology, fish farming, and his famous fish-farming acquaintance ([8:48])

On ambiguity… ([14:00])

On probability… ([17:15])

Gatekeeper vs. Shopkeeper ([18:10])

IT vs Business ([24:40])

“Nakatomi Space” ([25:49])

Data finds a way. ([31:23])

On 9999 + Y2K ([35:15])

Fooled by Data ([41:25])

On the TreeHive ([44:20])

Using Blockchain to fight slavery ([51:00])

On pacifism ([53:04])




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