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The Ultimate Leader is a Steward Leader | Season 3 Episode 9
6th January 2020 • Seek Go Create • Tim Winders | Leadership | Business | Ministry
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In this episode, host Tim Winders shares what a Steward Leader is and what a Steward Leader is not. He will also discuss the relationship between a Servant Leader and a Steward Leader.

Show Notes:

The Everyday Leader - Being a steward over those people, places, and things that God has gifted you with.

Key Points:

A Steward Leader is:

  1. A Giver
  2. Loving
  3. A Caretaker
  4. Temporary
  5. Diligent
  6. Focused
  7. Strategic
  8. Decisive
  9. Observant
  10. Consistent
  11. Communicative
  12. Trusted
  13. Humble
  14. Responsible
  15. Patient
  16. Orderly

A Steward Leader is not:

  1. Selfish
  2. A Jerk
  3. An Owner
  4. Permanent
  5. Lazy
  6. Sloppy
  7. Scattered
  8. Reactive
  9. Indecisive
  10. Oblivious
  11. Inconsistent
  12. Self Centered
  13. A Hypocrite
  14. Arrogant
  15. Blaming
  16. A Victim
  17. Chaotic

The Steward Leader is a Servant. But a Servant is not always a Steward Leader.

Servant Leadership OR Steward Leadership:

Signs Of Selfish Ambition:

Everyone is a leader. Everyone is a steward. There is something that each of us has responsibility over.

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