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Don’t Have a Product Yet? Group Coaching Can Help You Launch
Episode 327th June 2021 • Podcast Monetization Secrets • Christy Haussler
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In today’s episode, I’m going to highlight the power of group coaching as a way of monetizing a podcast. Group coaching is a unique way to monetize a podcast because you get more value from it than just money. A small group of people dedicated to supporting one another toward the common goal that the podcast will offer education, brainstorming, and accountability to help you stay on track with whatever you’re trying to learn or accomplish. You as the host of the podcast will be a member of the group too, which means you have to limit it to a small group of people who can add value to your business as well. 

You should not be a teacher, but you can still charge for slots because you’re the organizer. If you build your podcast around a niche topic, It’s likely that most of your listeners will be interested in similar types of growth opportunities and can learn a lot from each other which is what will enable you to charge them. How much you can charge will depend mostly on how niche of a topic it is and the number of people who will be interested, but either way group coaching will be a great way to start monetizing your podcast. Stay tuned and be keen as I share more.

Show Highlights

  • The challenge podcasters have when they wanna start a podcast that they can monetize (01:38)
  • How group coaching can help you get unstuck from creating free content (03:36)
  • Learning how to further help your ideal listeners and clients (04:58)
  • Why making a formalized product is the best way to go (08:15)
  • Not giving your time away for free and providing value to people at different price points (11:25)
  • Offering something at lower ticket with a lower barrier to entry to get more clients (14:02)
  • Using group coaching as the first step towards creating a course or book (15:35)
  • A group coaching (Private Facebook Group) success story (19:46)
  • Starting with the safer route towards earning your first dollars from your podcast (23:12)

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