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Conservative Dystopian Leadership, Neoliberal Identity Politics, & The Fight for New Brunswick
Episode 2027th August 2020 • New Left Radio • New Left Media
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The Conservatives elect Peter Ma... Wait what? Erin O'Toole? We explore just what happened on Sunday night, the alt-right pull on the Conservative Party, the Trumpian future of Canadian elections, and the eating of ballots.

The results of less than 200K votes cast mean we'll all have to live with a new narrative in national politics, one that realistically will pull the Liberals to the right on economic policy and to the left on neoliberal identity politics. What does it mean for working Canadians?

The battle for New Brunswick is on with just a few short weeks until voters decide. There is so much at stake in this first pandemic election and the PCs are trying to buy a consolidation of power. Let's show them what democracy and the left are about.