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Mitali Deypurkaystha - Mattresses, guns, books and cock rings.
Episode 69th May 2021 • The Instructor • Terry Cook
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Mitali is a best selling author in 4 different countries with the book - The freedom master plan.  In this episode she shares insight into her experience learning to drive and how dyspraxia made her stop driving. Mitali also shares her thoughts on her instructor and how that shaped her view of the industry. We discuss the idea of being an entrepreneur and how it relates to different roles. We also talk in depth about her book, how she stepped out her comfort zone to write it and why more people should be doing it.  You can find out more about Mitali and her book at We're also joined again by Chris Bensted of the DITC with all the latest news from within the industry. You can find the young driver report here and the GoRoadie webinar here. If you'd like to appear in the podcast or want to provide feedback, contact me through Follow The Instructor page of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.