A professional mama finds serenity through a playful yoga practice.
Episode 1212th December 2023 • Ritual of Practice • Angela Houghton
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Chrissy (Christina) Sloan is a multi-passionate mama. Join Chrissy and I as she shares how her yoga practice helps her navigate having a thriving law firm, serving in public office, creating and volunteering for non-profit organizations and more.

Chrissy and I have traded roles over the years as student and teacher. Sometimes she is the teacher and sometimes I am. We are both lifelong students in the practice of yoga.

Chrissy’s yoga practice is playful, like her parenting style. She has fun inspiring others to practice through her Instagram account. I enjoyed hearing how Chrissy’s yoga practice has evolved, and continues to evolve, over time.

Follow Chrissy on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moabyogini/

Christina's law firm can be found at: https://thesloanlawfirm.com/




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