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Decoding Digital - AppDirect EPISODE 22, 15th June 2021
Decoding Remote Work: Mark Templeton on the Virtual Workspace
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Decoding Remote Work: Mark Templeton on the Virtual Workspace

While the technology enabling remote work has seen leaps and bounds in the last year, the foundations have been in place for far longer. In a time where the virtual workspace is more necessary than ever before, how much do we really understand it? In this episode, Mark Templeton shares his experience as a visionary in the virtualization space, insights on apps and the cloud’s development, and why remote work will continue to evolve.

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Figuring Out the Future of Work 

“Whether it was collaboration, software, or security or management or networking, video, different types of technologies, like voice to text, text to voice—we just imagined all the pieces that would need to be possible to enable work from anywhere.”

The Impact of Remote Work on People

“We talk a lot about technology, but technology is only as good as the people that adopt it. So as the pioneer behind the virtual workspace, how important do you think in-person collaboration is or human to human contact? Because taking human interaction away from even a work environment leaves a lot of questions about how you build a culture, how you share common values."

Returning to the Office

“What we found is that people overwhelmingly want to have the flexibility to work in a hybrid environment where they can choose what they want when they want. However, we've seen that productivity data and culture show that it's more effective if people are either altogether or all remote.”